What Does it Mean To Love Someone?

Two shadowy figures, one small and one big sit outside late in the evening, enjoying the company of each other as they silently regard the starry sky above. Suddenly the small shadow breaks the peace, turning to stare intently into the deep blue eyes of his father. 

“Dad, what does it mean to love someone?” 

The gray-haired man puts an arm around the tiny shoulders of his son, inhaling deeply before returning the gaze. 

 “Loving someone is the most wonderful thing, it is the feeling of being able to do anything if it means happiness to the other person”

The young kid’s face takes on a skeptical frown, marking his incredulity clear as day. The older man lets out a lighthearted chuckle in response before standing up from the porch and sweeping his arm across the sky. 

“Anything. I would travel the night-sky to fetch a star, should it bring a smile to your face”.

 The Child cocks his head in disbelief. 

“But da, that is impossible, you cannot bring me a star”. 

The Father leans down toward his son and hugs him gently. 

“Maybe I cannot, but I would”. 

The Son puts his small arms around his father’s wide back, reaching but a third of its full width. 

“I love you too dad”

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